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 About Simplee Suzee’s…                   

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.03.08 PMHi!,  I’m Suzee Bailey, the main designer at Simplee Suzee’s.    Each piece I design becomes very special to me since I spend many hours in it’s creation, handcrafting one-of-a-kind collectible Topiaries, Wreaths and Floral Designs to suit the individual needs of all of our customers.   Each hand made creation is designed especially for you!…From color schemes to our great selection of cachepots and urns,  my designs are created to suit YOUR home decor needs!   Our company also provides in home services to help guide you with that Finishing Touch that makes your House a HOME!

The first step in my design process is searching out unique materials inspired by  all of the natural beauty that surrounds us,…from the beautiful blue oceans and white sandy beaches, to rolling meadows, flowering hillsides, apple orchards, citrus groves …the beauty is endless.  My shell topiaries use  hundreds of unique shells from around the world.. and each of my floral or fruit designs have little additions from my gardens.  I try to find unique items to add to each piece I create…these little details are what make Simplee Suzee’s designs special!  Then I search antique stores, yard sales, specialty stores, and  internet sites from around the world for unique vases, cachepots, and urns,…selections that help each piece come to life in YOUR home!  I hope you enjoy searching through our website for designs that may suit your needs.

 No two pieces are identical which makes each creation uniquely yours!  

I hope you delight, as I do, in the unique personality and individuality of each of my timeless creations.

 Suzee Bailey

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